Ordinary meetings

Bureau members meet with Members of Japan's National Diet via internet

Chair of the Delegation for Relations with Japan
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Mr Ishihara with Chair Schaldemose and 2nd Vice Chair Ms Maydell
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Members of the National Diet in Tokyo
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On Thursday 10 June, the Bureau led by Ms Christel Schaldemose, Chair of the Delegation, co-chaired an informal online meeting with Members of Japan's National Diet led by MP Mr Nobuteru Ishihara. Three main points were discussed; "Response to the Covid-19 crisis", "Actions on Climate Change " and "Topical Debates, Updates (ILO Convention, Tokyo Olympics, etc)".See the attached briefing below

Joint meeting in Brussels, Thursday 22 April 2021 with DANZ and DKOR members

The meeting entirely devoted to the EU Strategy on Indo-Pacific. Two speakers, Ambassador Jasper Wieck, Federal Foreign Office, Germany & Mr George Cunningham from EEAS, both crucial experts in shaping strategic options, represented the complimentary visions from M.S. & the EU. Ambassador Wieck presented the three German basic principles: Inclusiveness of the region; Diversification: Focusing on strengthening partnership with like-minded countries e.g.Australia, Japan, NZ; Rules-based Multilateralism; strategies to counteract any bi-polarity in the region. Mr Cunningham stressed main areas to work on: carbon emission, trade & economic relationships. He underlined the importance of human rights, security & military options for the EU in the region, notably ensuring maritime safety and free passage in order to safeguard the region's strategic autonomy. He recalled the next important steps and opportunities, especially the EU-India summit on the 8 May.

Meeting of 25 February 2021, Interactio Remote, Brussels

The Bureau was elected by acclamation. Chair, Ms Schaldemose, S&D, Denmark, 1st Vice Chair, Mr Eric Andrieu, S&D, France and 2nd Vice Chair Ms Eva Maydell, EPP member from Bulgaria. Ambassador Masaki highlighted events from the past months: Indo Pacific strategies, EU-Asia connectivity, EPA Joint Committees second anniversary. On Japan's carbon-neutrality 2050 target Ambassador Masaki said that Japan will announce it in the COP26 in Glasgow. On EU-Japan green business opportunities the Ambassador listed wind power, hydrogen and electric battery applications. He concluded by wishing that the next EU-Japan Summit will strengthen cooperation on green policies. DG Petriccione focused on priority areas: carbon removal & certification systems, climate strategy on forests. Investments in infrastructure for eg: Steel production with hydrogen. Agreeing with the Ambassador he stressed hydrogen, and renewable energies as some of the most important areas of cooperation with Japan.

Meeting of 30 November 2020 - Interactio remote Brussels

Ambassador, Mission of Japan to the European Un ion Ambassador, Mission of Japan to the European Un ion
H.E. Yasushi MASAKI © copyright Mission Japan 2020
The meeting took place on Monday 30th November. H.E MASAKI, Mission of Japan to the EU listed the many positive impacts the EPA has already had in the first 1,5 years of implementation on the bilateral trade despite the COVID environment. Besides the implementation of the two agreements and the EU-Japan Partnership on Connectivity and Quality Infrastructure, he considered other main priorities of climate change, digital transformation, security and cooperation on public health. He stressed that we share the values of democracy, rule of law and promote free trade. Vice President Ewa Kopacz, EP Coordinator on children's rights spoke on Parental child abductions in Japan from mixed European-Japanese families in Japan. The VP reminded that the UN Convention states that parties should support the children's rights and their best interest. The child has the right not to miss the cultural and linguistic richness of both parents. The next meeting will be held in 2021.

Meeting of 15 January 2020 in Strasbourg

The delegation meeting took place in Strasbourg on Wednesday 15 January from 16.00-17.45, in room LOW S4.5A. A debriefing by Mr Tonnie De Koster, Adviser for Digital Single Market International Outreach, European Commission, was given following the 9th EU-Japan Digital Strategies Workshop which was held in Tokyo on 11 December 2019.

Meeting of 11 March 2020 in Brussels

Considering the latest situation of the spread of COVID-19 and the decisions taken in the Parliament, under the extra-ordinary circumstances the Acting Chair has decided to cancel the Japan delegation meeting of Wednesday 11 March 2020 from 16.15 to 17.45 in Brussels.

Members will be duly notified later on, when a new date has been established for the next meeting.

Meeting of Thursday 14 November in Brussels

This will be held in Brussels on THURSDAY 14 November from 14.00-15.30 in room PHS 6B54. The EEAS and DG TRADE will update the Members on issues pertaining to the incoming IPM on the 27 November 2019.The meeting will be held "in camera"

Meeting of Wednesday 23 October in Strasbourg

H.E. Ambassador Kazuo Kodama H.E. Ambassador Kazuo Kodama
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The first ordinary meeting of the delegation for relations with Japan took place in Strasbourg on Wednesday 23 October.Ambassador Kazuo Kodama, Mission of Japan to the EU, gave a very informative presentation on the "Reflections on the development of Japan -EU relations". This was well received by Members, who then held a Q&A session with His Excellency.

Constituent meeting of 26 September 2019

Ms Gill nominated Chair for the Delegation for relations with Japan Ms Gill nominated Chair for the Delegation for relations with Japan
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At its constituent meeting on 26th September 2019, the Delegation for relations with Japan elected the following:

  • Ms Neena GILL (S&D, UK) as Chair, Ms Christel SCHALDEMOSE (S&D, DK) as 1st Vice-Chair with the election for the 2nd Vice Chair postponed.