A word from the Chair

I am thankful to my colleague parliamentarians to have entrusted me the Chairmanship of the Delegation for relations with South Africa.

South Africa represents a unique partner for the European Union. Together we have walked a long way, deepening our relationship and laying the foundations of a prosperous future. South Africa and the European Union maintain, through the work of this delegation, a solid and constructive parliamentary dialogue, thus providing an additional political dimension to the EU - South Africa strategic partnership.

Through collaboration and open dialogue, parliamentary diplomacy between South Africa and the EU aims to uphold human rights, the rule of law and democracy. In doing so, we pave new avenues toward delivering social peace and economic growth for all our citizens. Emboldened by our shared values and motivated by common goals, South Africa and the EU stand prepared to confront new policy challenges and deliver positive solutions. Swiftly adapting to change - unprecedented in complexity and pace - and overcoming global challenges and obstacles necessitates mutual trust, collaboration, innovative solutions and creativity.

South Africa and the EU, as proponents of multilateralism, can strengthen shared values through deliberate reforms and provide a vital framework to address challenges, including climate change, disease, inequality, and poverty. Together, South Africa and the EU stand united in setting standards, enacting reforms, and reinforcing global institutions.

I trust we will pursue our work in the same spirit of collaboration that has guided this delegation overtime. As a chair, I will be fully committed to my task and will serve in a spirit of collaborative leadership attempting to set new and ambitious horizons. I sincerely believe that parliamentary diplomacy has an important role to play and opens avenues where other actors are more timid or fail. In coordination with the chair of the caucus for European affairs and the members of South Africa's parliament, we will continue setting the agenda for EU-South Africa inter-parliamentary meetings, which alternate between Strasbourg and Cape Town each year.

I am committed to build upon the fruits borne out of the visit of president Ramaphosa to the European Parliament, which unleashed a potential for an even closer cooperation between our regions, and for further strengthening the parliamentary dimension of the strategic partnership, which will be one of our main priorities over the next five years.

Magdalena Adamowicz