Joint Press Release of 15 September 2022 on Nicaragua and the arrest of the Bishop Rolando Álvarez

Nicaragua and the arrest of the Bishop Rolando Álvarez

Parliament condemns in the strongest possible terms the escalating repression against the Catholic Church, opposition figures, civil society, human rights defenders, journalists, peasants, students and indigenous people in Nicaragua. MEPs point in particular to the arbitrary arrest of Bishop Rolando Álvarez, and call for his and others' immediate and unconditional release and the annulment of all legal proceedings against them.

Nicaragua's judicial system lacks independence, according to MEPs, and the law is used as a tool to criminalise the exercise of civil and political rights. Parliament is concerned about the 206 political prisoners in the country, deplores the arbitrary closure of another hundred NGOs, and condemns the banning of opposition political parties.

MEPs strongly urge Nicaragua to repeal legislation that unduly restricts the country's civic and democratic space and they ask the EU to continue supporting civil society organizations there. Parliament wants the EU and the UN Security Council to open a formal investigation into Nicaragua and its president, Daniel Ortega, for crimes against humanity.

The resolution was adopted by 538 votes in favour, 16 against with 28 abstentions. For further details, the full version will be available here (15.09.2022).