Terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv and West Bank: Statement by the Chair of the Delegation for relations with Israel Antonio López-Istúriz White

Brussels, 8 April 2023

Yesterday, terrorist attacks were perpetrated again against Israeli citizens and tourists, in Tel Aviv and the West Bank. We are appalled by these indiscriminate attacks against civilians, in which three people were killed and at least eight were injured. We extend our condolences to the families of the victims and wish a fast recovery to the wounded. Our thoughts are with them and with all Israeli people in these difficult moments.

We strongly condemn these horrific attacks. Nothing, ever, can justify targeting innocent civilians. The fact that these acts of hatred were perpetrated during the holy season for all the three main religions makes them even more heinous.

We also condemn the indiscriminate rocket attacks, from Gaza and Lebanon, on Israel. We reiterate the longstanding EU position that the State of Israel has the right to defend itself against any attacks and that this should be done in a proportionate way.

We would also like to stress once again the importance of preserving the status quo of the Holly Sites.

This spiral of violence has to end now and everything must be done to prevent it from spreading. We call for all efforts to be deployed to promote mutual understanding and avoid any provocations, in the quest for peace that must be the common goal.