Serbia: Leading MEPs regret Serbia’s non-alignment with EU sanctions against Russia

1 March 2022

Following the adoption of the EP resolution on the Russian aggression against Ukraine, leading MEPs on Serbia issued the following statement on Tuesday.

"The unity of the international community in standing up against Putin's aggression on Ukraine is essential for any attempt to foster peace and to avoid the spread of Kremlin's war. We expect Serbia to align fully with the Common Foreign and Security Policy of European Union, including the sanctions adopted against the regime in Russia. We see this as an important and urgent signal that Serbia supports the principles and values of the European Union and is committed to working together with the European partners towards peace. The international situation has changed dramatically since last week and there is no room for appeasement of the aggressor."

Vladimír Bilčík (EPP, SK), Standing Rapporteur for Serbia

Tanja Fajon (S&D, SL), Chair of the Delegation to the EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee


The Serbian government on Sunday adopted a February 25 conclusion by the National Security Council on the crisis in Ukraine. The 15-point conclusion said that, for Serbia, Russia and Ukraine had always been friendly countries and that Serbia provided full and principled support for respect of the principle of Ukraine's territorial integrity. The conclusion also said that Serbia would be governed exclusively by the protection of its own vital economic and political interests when it comes to the issue of sanctions. While Serbia's supports Ukraine's territorial integrity, it has refused to align with EU sanctions against Russia and neither has it unequivocally condemned Russia's military aggression.

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