History of the Delegation for relations with the People's Republic of China (D-CN)


(38 Members)

Chairs of the Delegation

1980-1982 Mr Gilles MARTINET (PSE, France)

1983-1984 Mrs Marie Jacqueline DESOUCHES (PSE, France)

1984-1986 Mr Enzo BETTIZA (LDR, Italy)

1986-1989 Mr Geoffrey HOON (PSE, United Kingdom)

1989-1994 Mr Enzo BETTIZA (PSE, Italy)

1994-1996 Mr Stefano DE LUCA (UPE, Italy)

1997-1999 Mr Per GAHRTON (Green, Sweden)

1999-2001 Mr Per GAHRTON (Green, Sweden)

2002-2004 Mrs Elly PLOOIJ-VAN GORSEL (ELDR, Netherlands)

2004-2009 Mr Dirk STERCKX (ALDE, Belgium)

2009-2014 Mr Crescenzio RIVELLINI (EPP, Italy)

2014-2019 Mr Jo LEINEN (S&D, Germany)

2019- Mr Reinhard BÜTIKOFER (The Greens/EFA, Germany)

Brief history of the delegation

The EU's relations with China were established in 1975. Parliament's Delegation for relations with the People's Republic of China was established following the first direct European elections in 1979. In 1985 EU and China signed Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Ever since inter-connectedness between the EU and China has experienced a remarkable pace of growth. In view of closer cooperation to face common challenges, the EU and China work together on a large number of economic and financial matters, as well as on common global challenges such as climate change and food security.

The European Union and China are two of the biggest trading partners in the world. The EU is committed to open trading relations with China and wants to ensure that China trades fairly, respects intellectual property rights, and meets its obligations as a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

The negotiations on EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) were launched in 2014 but are currently on hold due to the sanctions by the EU and countersanctions by the PRC. This is also the reason why there has not been ant IPM since the last one that took place in 2018. Before the sanctions, the Parliament played a central role in expanding co-operation with the Chinese National People's Congress.

Nevertheless, the main task of the delegation is to keep active knowledge sharing and open debate over Chinese influence in Europe and globally inviting regularly experts to hearings and meetings. Apart from the National People's Congress (NPC), the delegation is meant to be also the focal point for relations with the legislative councils of the Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of Hong Kong and Macao, and the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan.

All main delegation activities during the 9th parliamentary term (2019-2024) can be seen under the 'Activities' section of this website.