Parlamenttien väliset suhteet

17th meeting of the EU-North Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee

The European Union-North Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee will hold its 17th meeting in Strasbourg on 18 and 19 December 2019, under the co-chairmanship of Mr Andreas SCHIEDER for the European Parliament Delegation and Ms Sonja MIRAKOVSKA for the National Assembly of Republic of North Macedonia Delegation.

The main topics of the Joint Parliamentary Committee meeting will include:

- Exchange of views on the relations between the European Union and North Macedonia with representatives of the government of North Macedonia, of the European Commission and the European External Action Service

- Rule of law, judiciary reforms and fight against organized crime and corruption

- Readiness of the electoral system and proposed reforms

- Adoption of the recommendations

    A summary of Inter-parliamentary meetings held during the European Parliament's 8th term (2014-2019) can be found in the delegation's archives.