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Réunions ordinaires

Meeting of 23 October 2019, Strasbourg

Mr Jonas Jonsson, Head of Division for Pan-African Affairs, EEAS, made a presentation on an Action Plan to be adopted following the AU-EU's 2017 Summit Declaration.

Constitutive meeting of 9 October 2019, Brussels

The constituent meeting of the Delegation for relations with the Pan-African Parliament (DPAP) was held on 9 October 2019.

The delegation elected Ms María Soraya RODRÍGUEZ RAMOS (Renew, ES) by acclamation as the new Chair. Ms Pierrette HERZBERGER FOFANA (Greens/EFA, DE) was elected as 1st Vice-Chair. The election of the 2nd Vice-Chair was postponed until a political solution could be found.
A summary of ordinary meetings held during the European Parliament's 8th term (2014-2019) can be found in the delegation's archives.