Gewone vergaderingen

Constituent meeting on 26 September 2019

During the constituent meeting of the Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly (DEPA) on 26 September 2019 the following members of the Delegation's Bureau were elected:

  • Chair: Mr Andrius KUBILIUS, EPP (LT)
  • 1st Vice-Chair: Cristian TERHES, S&D (RO)
  • 2nd Vice-Chair: Markéta GREGOROVÁ, Greens/EFA (CZ)
  • 3rd Vice-Chair: Patryk JAKI, ECR (PL)
  • 4th Vice-Chair:Andrzej HALICKI, EPP (PL)

It was also the occasion, for the Members, to exchange views on the linguistic profile of the Delegation.

A summary of ordinary meetings held during the European Parliament's 8th term (2014-2019) can be found in the delegation's archives.