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44th EU-Israel Inter-parliamentary meeting (IPM), 30 November 2020

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Press release, Brussels, 30 November 2020

Following today´s 44th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting (IPM) between the European Parliament and the Knesset, the Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for relations with Israel, Antonio López-Istúriz White, stated:

"I express my satisfaction with the important meeting celebrated today involving an open and in-depth debate on issues of mutual interest for both the EU and Israel. The fact that the meeting was organised soon after the establishment of the Knesset Delegation for relations with the European Parliament, following the elections in Israel, is proof of the enthusiasm and desire for strengthened cooperation on both sides.

During the discussion, we underlined that the values of democracy and the respect for human rights are at the centre of the EU-Israel partnership and highlighted the need to strengthen our efforts for their implementation.

Normalization Agreements and the Middle East Peace Process

The normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE, Bahrein and Sudan, is a welcomed development for the signatory countries as well as for the stability and security in the region. On the background of these agreements, Israelis and Palestinians should seize the opportunity and take urgent steps to build confidence and restore cooperation in full respect of international law.

The EU position is of firm commitment to a negotiated and viable two-state solution built upon the internationally agreed parameters. The EU is ready to support Israelis and Palestinians in their efforts to resume meaningful negotiations on all final status issues in order to achieve a just and lasting peace.

Security and fighting anti-Semitism

Regarding security, I welcome the successful counter-terrorism dialogue EU - Israel, as well as the fruitful cooperation in fighting anti-Semitism. On this regard, we will continue working together in order to protect Jewish communities and institutions as well as the Jewish cultural heritage throughout Europe. The EU is committed to Israel's security, including threats in the region, which is best guaranteed through peace agreements between Israel and its neighbours.

Cooperation and the Association Council

We discussed and agreed to strengthen our strong cooperation in the sectors of research, science, technology, and education. On trade, noting that the EU is Israel´s first trading partner, we further agreed on the need to boost investment by reducing non-tariff barriers and pursuing technical cooperation. Solidarity in the context of fighting COVID-19 was also underlined as well as the necessity of better communication about the cooperation of the European Union and Israel.

During our meeting, the importance to hold the Association Council was stressed, as this is the key forum for high-level dialogue and has not been held since 2012."

You can find here the adopted joint statement:

A summary of Inter-parliamentary meetings held during the European Parliament's 8th term (2014-2019) can be found in the delegation's archives.