ДОКЛАД относно предложението за директива на Европейския парламент и на Съвета за изменение на Директива 80/181/ЕИО на Съвета относно сближаването на законодателствата на държавите-членки относно мерните единици

12.11.2007 - (COM(2007)0510 – C6‑0277/2007 – 2007/0187(COD)) - ***I

Комисия по вътрешния пазар и защита на потребителите
Докладчик: Arlene McCarthy
(Опростена процедура - член 43, параграф 1 от правилника)

Процедура : 2007/0187(COD)
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относно предложението за директива на Европейския парламент и на Съвета за изменение на Директива 80/181/ЕИО на Съвета относно сближаването на законодателствата на държавите-членки относно мерните единици

(COM(2007)0510 – C6‑0277/2007 – 2007/0187(COD))

(Процедура на съвместно вземане на решение: първо четене)

Европейският парламент,

–   като взе предвид предложението на Комисията към Европейския парламент и към Съвета (COM(2007)0510),

–   като взе предвид член 251, параграф 2 и член 95 от Договора за ЕО, съгласно които предложението е представено от Комисията на Парламента (C6‑0277/2007),

–   като взе предвид член 51 и член 43, параграф 1 от своя правилник,

–   като взе предвид доклада на комисията по вътрешен пазар и защита на потребителите (A6‑0430/2007),

1.  одобрява предложението на Комисията;

2.  призовава Комисията да се отнесе до него отново, в случай че възнамерява да внесе съществени изменения в своето предложение или да го замени с друг текст;

3.  възлага на своя председател да предаде позицията на Парламента съответно на Съвета и на Комисията.



Following broad stakeholder consultation and an impact assessment, the Commission proposes to update Directive 80/181/EEC, which since 1980 has served to standardise legal units of measurement within the EU. The update will allow the use of supplementary (non-metric) indications indefinitely. Therefore the UK and Ireland can continue current practice in the use of the pint and 'troy' ounce, and in the UK the mile. This is in line with better regulation aims. In additional the update will take account of technical progress to include new metric units subject to international agreement. Specifically, it will introduce the new "katal" unit for catalytic activity and include consumer protection and environment in its scope.

It is proposed in this report to approve the proposal without amendment. The ITRE Committee, which was designated as opinion giving Committee, agreed to endorse the proposal without amendment.


The use of units of measurement is prescribed in the EU by means of Council Directive 80/181/EEC of 20 December 1979, last updated in 1999. Directive 80/181/EEC was adopted to standardise the use of legal units of measurement within the EU in accordance with the International System of Units (SI) adopted by the General Conference of Weights and Measures set up by the Metre Convention signed in Paris in 1875. The SI metric system is recognised under WTO/TBT as the international standard. The Directive ensures a common approach, removing barriers to trade within the Internal Market. Experience has however shown that use of supplementary (non-metric) indications are localised, do not constitute non-tariff barriers, and are therefore without any impediment to cross-border trade in the EU.

Directive 80/181/EEC includes a clause which would prohibit all use of non-metric indications from 2009. If it were to apply, the EU would require all labelling to be metric-only. The UK and Ireland would therefore need to phase out the pint for milk in returnable bottles and beer and cider on draught, and the 'troy' ounce for transactions in precious metals, and the UK would also have to phase out the mile for road traffic signs, speed and distance measurements.

The Commission conducted an impact assessment which compared the three policy alternatives of no action, repealing the Directive and updating the Directive. This showed that updating the Directive while maintaining the existing situation is clearly the preferred option because this entails no new administrative costs. The updating proposals will also benefit companies trading with third countries, for example the USA, which require concurrent metric and non-metric labelling. Alternative approaches would likely result in significant costs and would not fit easily with the principle of subsidiarity.

The present report is submitted to plenary for treatment without amendment and without debate, in accordance with Rule 131.



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COM(2007)0510 - C6-0277/2007 - 2007/0187(COD)

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