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Forslag til beslutning - B6-0436/2005Forslag til beslutning
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pursuant to Rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure,
by Rolandas Pavilionis and Cristiana Muscardini
on behalf of Union for Europe of the Nations
on the trafficking of children in Guatemala

Procedure : 2005/2590(RSP)
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European parliament resolution on the trafficking of children in Guatemala

The European Parliament,

  • -having regard to the increasing number of kidnappings with a purpose of sexual and labour exploitation in Guatemala,
  • -having regard to the Hague Convention on Inter-Country adoptions,
  • -having regard to the Resolution of the Central American Parliament on the violation of the rights of children,
  • -having regard to the Report on the proposal for a Council decision on the conclusion of a Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between the European Community and its Member States, on the one part, and the Republics of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama[1],
  • -having regard to the Memorandum of understanding between Guatemala and Mexico which addresses the child trafficking at the border areas,
  • -having regard to Rule 115(5) of its Rules of Procedure,
  • A.whereas the long-term development of any country is based on its children,
  • B.whereas childhood is a period determining the future of an individual,
  • C.whereas the number of minors involved in underage prostitution is increasing dramatically,
  • D.whereas 44.4% of the population in Guatemala live on less than USD 2 per day,
  • E.whereas child trafficking has become more profitable than drug trafficking,
  • F.whereas it is in the interest of the European Union to see a 'Latin America of welfare',
  • 1.Expresses its deep concern over increased trafficking in children in Guatemala and sexual tourism to that country;
  • 2.Is deeply preoccupied by the fact that Guatemala has become a source, transit and destination for child trafficking for the purposes of sexual and labour exploitation;
  • 3.Urges the Government of Guatemala to make stronger efforts in eliminating trafficking and in the investigation of forced disappearances;
  • 4.Calls the Government of Guatemala to amend its Criminal Code in order to face the sexual slavery in more adequate way;
  • 5.Calls the Government of Guatemala to ensure better controls on school attendance;
  • 6.Calls the Government of Guatemala to pay special attention to the hardship of indigenous children as well as of other underprivileged groups;
  • 7.Calls on Mexico, Belize and El Salvador to increase their border controls with Guatemala in order to localize the problem;
  • 8.Calls on the Council of the EU and the European Commission to make the conclusion of the free trade agreement with Guatemala and its neighbouring countries consitional on a progress in combating trafficking in minors and adolescents;
  • 9.Calls on Europol and the Member States to provide assistance to the Government of Guatemala in its investigation of the traffic destinations leading to Europe;
  • 10.Stresses that summit diplomacy is not enough and that the political relationship must be deepened on a more regular basis;
  • 11.Underlines the importance of developing multi-level links with Guatemala at levels of civil society, political and economic organizations, as well as local and regional authorities;
  • 12.Holds that the eradication of poverty is the main factor in bringing about a significant decrease in this traffic;
  • 13.Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the Governments and Parliaments of the Member States, the Governments and Parliaments of Guatemala and neighbouring countries, the UNICEF, the UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflicts, and the Central American Parliament.