Motion for a resolution - B6-0034/2009Motion for a resolution



    pursuant to Rule 114(1) of the Rules of Procedure
    by Alexander Graf Lambsdorff
    on behalf of the ALDE Group
    on the European Union priorities for the 64th Session of the UN General Assembly


    European Parliament recommendation to the Council on the European Union priorities for the 64th Session of the UN General Assembly

    The European Parliament,

    –  having regard to the European Parliament recommendation to the Council on the European Union priorities for the 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (2008/2111 (INI)),

    –  having regard to the EU Priorities for the 63rd General Assembly of the UN,

    –  having regard to its resolutions of 29 January 2004 on the relations between the European Union and the United Nations[1], of 9 June 2005 on the reform of the United Nations[2] and of 29 September 2005 on the outcome of the United Nations World Summit of 14-16 September 2005[3],

    –  having regard to Rule 114(3) and Rule 90 of its Rules of Procedure,

    A.  whereas the EU's foreign policy is based on strong and unequivocal support for effective multilateralism, as embodied in the UN Charter,

    B.  whereas the EU is a key political and financial partner of the UN in fighting poverty and promoting economic and social development, providing collective security, including protecting the livelihood of endangered populations, and upholding human rights throughout the world,

    C.  whereas, with regard to the achievement of the MDGs, EU efforts serve as an important catalyst and an example to other donors but will nevertheless, if current trends are not reversed, still fall short, by EUR 75 billion, of the EU's official development aid commitments by 2010,

    1.  Addresses the following recommendations to the Council:

    • (a)calls for the EU's political priorities for the next UN General Assembly session to be the subject of an in-depth, wide-ranging debate between Parliament, the Council and the Commission;
    • (b)considers that the Council's formal position on the priorities for the UN General Assembly should be regarded by the Permanent Representations of EU Member States in New York as a binding political platform to be used in negotiations with other countries;
    • (c)urges the Council and the Commission to study in depth the implications which the Treaty of Lisbon has for the EU's future representation at the UN, and calls on EU Member States to commit themselves clearly and unequivocally to ensuring that the EU enjoys adequate visibility and authority within the UN bodies and fora;
    • (d)calls on all EU Member states to remain engaged in the preparations for the 2009 Durban Review Conference and to ensure that the Conference provides the opportunity for all stakeholders to renew their determination and commitment to fight racism, racial and caste discrimination, xenophobia and all other forms of intolerance and to adopt concrete benchmarks with a view to the eradication of racism, on the basis of, and fully respecting, the Durban Declaration and the Programme of Action;

    2.  Instructs its President to forward this recommendation to the Council and, for information, to the Commission, the PlaceNameplaceMemberPlaceType States and the United Nations.