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with request for inclusion in the agenda for the debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law
pursuant to Rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure
by Cristiana Muscardini, Roberta Angelilli, Antonio Mussa, Adam Bielan, Hanna Foltyn-Kubicka, Ryszard Czarnecki, Konrad Szymański, Mieczysław Edmund Janowski
on behalf of the UEN Group
on persecution of Mrs Shririn Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize and Iranian human rights activist

See also joint motion for a resolution RC-B6-0036/2009

Postup : 2009/2508(RSP)
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European Parliament resolution on persecution of Mrs Shririn Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize and Iranian human rights activist

The European Parliament,

-  having regard to the statements by the Presidency of the European Council of 31 December 2008 on threats against Mrs. Shirin Ebadi,

-   having regard to the statements by the General Secretary of United Nations in which he expresses deep concern for the intimidations exercised against Mrs.Shirin Ebadi,

-  having regard to the resolutions of the General Assembly of the United Nations and in particular Resolution 62/168 of 18 December 2007, to the report of October 2008 released by UN-Secretary General and the resolution by UN-General Assembly on the critical situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran,

-  having regard to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the international Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, to all of which Iran is a party,

-  having regard to its previous resolutions on country-regionplaceIran, notably those concerning human rights of 25 October 2007, 31 January 2008 and 24 April 2008,

-   having regard to Rule 115(5) of its Rules of Procedures,

A.  whereas the general situation of human rights in country-regionIrancountry-region has continued to deteriorate since 2005; despite the fact that placeIran has undertaken to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms under the various international instruments in this field;

B.  whereas the intimidations and violent repression against political opponents, human rights defenders, journalists, web loggers, teachers, intellectuals, women, students, trade unionists, and persons belonging to religious, ethnic, linguistic, or other minorities has increased;

C.  whereas EU's relations with Iran in recent years have been based on a threefold approach characterised by negotiations on a Trade and Cooperation Agreement, political dialogue and a human rights dialogue, and whereas these three aspects cannot be separated,

1.  Strongly condemns the campaign of persecutions against Mrs. Shirin Ebadi which has now escalated to mob threats and violence against her home;

2.  Expresses its deep concern over Ebadi’s safety and the change to continue her important work in favour of human rights, following the violent demonstration outside her home in Teheran on 1 January 2009;

3.  Protests vehemently over the threats against Mrs. Ebadi, and considers Iranian Authorities responsible for Mrs.Ebadi's and her colleagues'safety;

4.  Calls on the Iranian Authorities to take all necessary measures to prevent any further hostile action, to allow the reopening of "Circle of human rights defenders" with a legal status as required for many years;

5.  Expresses deep concern over the deterioration of the human rights situation in country-regionIrancountry-region; appeals to the Iranian Authorities to honour their obligations in accordance with international human rights standards and instruments ratified by placeIran, to respect the International Covenant on human rights and Civil and political Rights;

6.  Condemns the repression against political opponents, human rights defenders, activists of civil society movements, calls on the Iranian Authorities to put an end to the harsh repression and to release all those who have been imprisoned for the peaceful expression of their convictions;

7.  Underlines that the possible future conclusion of a cooperation and Trade Agreement between country-regionIrancountry-region and the EU depends on a substantial improvement in placeIran's human rights situation;

8.  Calls on the Council and the Commission to monitor closely the human rights situation in Iran, and to submit to Parliament a comprehensive report on the matter as the basic condition for progress in EU-Iran economic and trade relations;

9.  Instruct its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the governments and parliaments of the Member States, the UN Secretary General, the UN Security Council, the UN Human Rights Council, the Head of Judiciary of Iran and the Government and Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran.