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Propunere de rezoluţie - B6-0073/2009Propunere de rezoluţie
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with request for inclusion in the agenda for the debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law
pursuant to Rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure
by Adamos Adamou, Kyriacos Triantaphyllides, Feleknas Uca
on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group
on the situation of Burmese refugees in Thailand

See also joint motion for a resolution RC-B6-0073/2009

Procedură : 2009/2528(RSP)
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European Parliament resolution on the situation of Burmese refugees in Thailand

The European Parliament,

  • -having regard to its previous resolutions on placeBurmaplace and placeThailand,

-  having regard to Rule 115(5) of its Rules of Procedure,

A.  whereas hundreds of Rohingya (Burmese Muslim) refugees are feared dead after being pushed back into the sea by Thai authorities, according to human rights organisations based in placeplaceThailand,

B.  whereas up to 200 people are missing and more than 300 others are believed to have died after they were set adrift by Thai soldiers,

C.  whereas Thai military authorities have denied these accusations and Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has promised a full investigation,

D.  whereas Rohingya face harsh treatment and discrimination by Burmese authorities as they are prohibited from travelling outside their native Arakan state,

E.  whereas in the past few months, thousands of illegal immigrants from placeBangladeshplace and Burmaplace have allegedly been rounded up by Thai soldiers and transferred to an island off the coast of southern placeThailand, near Ranong,

F.  whereas on 19 January 2009, a 41-year-old Australian writer of Greek-Cypriot origin, Harry Nikolaides, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment in Thailand for "insulting the country’s royal family" in a novel,

G.  whereas Nikolaides told reporters that he had endured “unspeakable suffering” during his pretrial detention, as was evident when he appeared in court,

1.  Calls on the Thai Government to take all measures necessary to ensure that the lives of Rohingya are not at risk and that they are treated in accordance with accepted international humanitarian standards;

2.  Demands that the Government of Thailand not push the Rohingya refugees and asylum seekers, including the boat- people, back to Burma, where their lives will be in danger, and that it conduct an impartial inquiry and take appropriate action against those responsible for the loss of lives and tragedy of the boat-people;

3.  Calls on the Government of Thailand to allow UNHCR access to the Rohingya boat-people in Thai custody to determine their status;

4.  Stresses that the issue of the boat-people, which affects placeplaceThailand and other countries, is essentially a regional issue having an international perspective which needs to be addressed;

5.  Calls on the Thai authorities to repair this flagrant human rights violation and to free immediately the writer Harry Nikolaides and allow him to return home;

6.  Condemns the Burmese SPDC's continuous violations of human rights; demands that Burmese citizenship be restored to the Rohingya and that all restrictions on their right to education and freedom of movement be lifted immediately; demands a halt to religious persecution and the cessation of all human rights violations across the country;

7.  Calls on the SPDC to start a genuinely all-inclusive democratic and political process, in accordance with the will of the people of Burma, and to free Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, U Tin Oo, U Kyaw Min, U Khun Tun Oo and all political prisoners;

8.  Calls for the immediate release of U Gambria, a known figure in the Burmese opposition who played a key-role in the large "monks' processions" of September 2007, which was violently repressed by the junta;

9.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the Governments and Parliament of Thailand and Burma/Myanmar, the UNHRC and to Mr Harry Nikolaides.