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Proposition de résolution - B7-0113/2009Proposition de résolution
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    MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION on the situation in Iran


    with request for inclusion in the agenda for the debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law
    pursuant to Rule 122 of the Rules of Procedure

    Thomas Mann, Cristian Dan Preda, Bernd Posselt, Eija-Riitta Korhola, Elisabetta Gardini, Mario Mauro, Laima Liucija Andrikienė, Licia Ronzulli, Dominique Baudis, Tunne Kelam, Eduard Kukan on behalf of the PPE Group

    See also joint motion for a resolution RC-B7-0100/2009

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    Procédure : 2009/2735(RSP)
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    European Parliament resolution on the situation in Iran

    The European Parliament,

    having regard to its previous resolutions of 18 May 2000, 14 March 2002, 20 November 2003, and 17 May 2006 on Sri Lanka, and of 13 January 2005 on EU aid after the tsunami disaster, and of 2 February 2009 on the situation in Sri Lanka,


    having regard to Rule 122(5) of its Rules of Procedure,


    A. whereas the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) was militarily defeated on 17 May this year by the Sri Lankan Military;


    B. whereas all the territories in the North of Sri Lanka, formerly held by LTTE, have been retaken;


    C. whereas 25 years of LTTE terror resulted in over 90,000 deaths;


    D. whereas a quarter of a million Sri Lankans now being held in de facto detention camps are facing a humanitarian disaster;


    E. whereas the international community must continue to provide humanitarian aid including trained staff;


    F. whereas terrorist attacks will continue to have an operating field despite the defeat of the LTTE;


    G. whereas the human rights situation cannot be secured without the establishment of a permanent international observer;


    H. whereas Tamil citizens need to be involved in the 13th modification to the Sri Lankan constitution as well as further and significant devolution procedures;


    I. whereas Sri Lanka has to face an imminent ban on exports of garments and sportswear from EU following allegations that it has violated human rights during the war against the LTTE;


    J. whereas Sri Lanka's economic recovery will depend upon the EU's continued support;


    K. whereas foreign direct investment is imperatively needed;


    L. Whereas large areas of former conflict zones are contaminated due to the intense use of anti-personnel-mines by the LTTE;


    1. Asks the government to concentrate on the problem of landmines; asks the Commission to give mandatory support for urgent landmine clearance in Sri Lanka;


    2. Welcomes the covenant made by the Sri Lankan government to cooperate with international organisations, NGOs and the community of states to focus on living conditions and human rights;


    3. Recognises Sri Lanka's development of a National Plan of Action for the Encouragement of Human Rights (NHRAP);


    4. Calls on the Council to urgently add LTTE to the EU list of terrorist organisations, including the Tamil Youth Organisation, the Tamil Co-ordinating Committee, and the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation in order to prevent the establishment of a non-representative basis for LTTE organisations in all EU Member States;


    5. Asserts that trade is the best way to establish an improvement in Sri Lanka's commercial situation, welcomes every endeavour made by the Sri Lankan government to cooperate with the EU;


    6. Appreciates the inauguration of the Victim and Witness Assistance and Protection Bill in the Sri Lankan Parliament, which currently is in its second reading;


    7. Recognises the peaceful holding of local elections in northern Sri Lanka;


    8. Calls on the international community to continue providing humanitarian support in order to establish a lasting peace;


    9. Calls on the Sri Lankan government to desist from taking any action restricting freedom and asks for a more liberal attitude towards the international and local media;


    10. Welcomes the intention of the Sri Lankan government to unite the country by an intensive control of its administration;


    11. Appreciates the Sri Lankan government’s endeavours to ensure an open and transparent investigation of all alleged violations of freedom of the media


    12. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the Governments of Member States, the UN Secretary-General, the Secretary-General of the British Commonwealth, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the Government of Sri Lanka and all other SAARC countries.