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Verfahren : 2012/2571(RSP)
Werdegang im Plenum
Entwicklungsstadium in Bezug auf das Dokument : B7-0172/2012

Eingereichte Texte :


Aussprachen :

PV 15/03/2012 - 16.3
CRE 15/03/2012 - 16.3

Abstimmungen :

PV 15/03/2012 - 17.3

Angenommene Texte :


PDF 129kWORD 80k
See also joint motion for a resolution RC-B7-0171/2012

with request for inclusion in the agenda for the debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law

pursuant to Rule 122 of the Rules of Procedure

on Human Rights violations in Bahrain

Véronique De Keyser, Ana Gomes, Richard Howitt, Pino Arlacchi on behalf of the S&D Group
NB: This motion for a resolution is available in the original language only.

European Parliament resolution on Human Rights violations in Bahrain  

The European Parliament,

-          Having regard to its previous resolution on Bahrain of 27 October 2011;

-         Having regard to its previous resolutions on Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, in particular that of 7 April 2011 on the situation in Syria, Bahrain and Yemen, and that of 7 July on the situation in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain in the context of the situation in the Arab World and North Africa;

-          Having regard to its report of 24 March 2011 on EU relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council;

-         Having regard to the statements by the Vice-President of the Commission/High

Representative (VP/HR) on Bahrain of 13 February 2012, 10, 12 and 18 March 2011; 3 May and 1 July 2011; 31 August 2011 and 8 and 30 September 2011, and the statements by the VP/HR on the situation in Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain at the European Parliament on 12 October 2011;


-          Having regard to the Council conclusions on Bahrain of 23 May, 12 April, 21 March 2011;


-         Having regard to the Hearing on Bahrain in the European Parliament Human Rights

          Subcommittee on 3 October 2011;

-         Having regard to the statement of 15 February 2012 by the UN Secretary-General on the clashes between security forces and civilians;

-         Having regard to the statement of 23 June 2011 by the UN Secretary-General on the sentences imposed on 21 Bahraini political activists, human rights defenders and opposition leaders;

-        Having regard to the statement on Bahrain issued by the 66th UN General Assembly on 29 September 2011;

-         Having regard to the report of the Bahrain Independent commission of inquiry of the 23d November 2011;

-         Having regard to the Human Rights Watch report on Unfair Trials in Military and Civilian Courts published in February 2012;

-         Having regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948;

-        Having regard to the EU Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders of 2004 as updated in 2008;


-              Having regard to the 1975 United Nations Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, and the Arab Charter on Human Rights all of which Bahrain is a party to;


-                     Having regard to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966;


-  Having regard to Rule 122 of its Rules of Procedure;



A.       Whereas the Bahraini security forces' violence and repression have culminated in 3,000 arrests, 4,500 people dismissed from work and almost 60 dead and hundreds of injured over a 12-month period of popular movement calling for democratic reforms, freedom and the ensurance of basic Human Rights;


B.        Whereas security forces in Bahrain continue to use excessive force against protesters, firing teargas and stun-grenades at protesters; whereas since November 2011, several people have died and hundreds have been injured; whereas on the occasion of the first anniversary of the uprisings on 14 February 2012, many peaceful protesters were been detained;


C.       Whereas on 29 January 2012, approximately 250 political prisoners began a widespread national hunger strike because14 prominent political and Human Rights activists have been arbitrarily detained since March 2011;


D.       Whereas on the 29 June the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) was set up by Kind Hamad in order to investigate Human Rights violations during recent protests; whereas on 23 November 2011, the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry published its conclusions according to which gross Human Rights violations had been carried out;


E.        Whereas according to Human Rights organizations and the findings of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, many detained political activists, Human Rights defenders and journalists have been tortured, ill-treated and harassed;


F.        Whereas in its report, the BICI expressed the view that the trials did neither comply with international standards of due process, nor with Bahrain's own criminal code;


G.       Whereas the Bahraini King has accepted the findings of the report and appointed a 19-person National Commission, made up of mostly government supporters, to oversee the implementation process; whereas the implementation of the BICI recommendations remains slow;


H.       Whereas a process of a national dialogue for reconciliation has been initiated;


I.         Whereas following the recommendations of the BICI, Bahrain has completed the setting up of a special investigatory unit within the public prosecution department dedicated to determining accountability of those who have committed unlawful or negligent acts resulting in deaths, torture and mistreatment of civilians during the last year;

J.         Whereas the visit to Bahrain of the UN Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, planned for 8 March has now been postponed by the Bahraini government until July;

K.       Whereas the Bahraini authorities have imposed entry denial to the country and visit restrictions to international Human Rights organizations which are a serious impediment to their ability to carry out their work;


L.        Whereas according to Reporters without Borders, Bahrain is one of the world's top 10 most repressive regimes and Freedom House downgraded Bahrain from "partly free" to "not free";


1.  Condemns the ongoing violation of Human Rights and urges the Bahraini security forces and authorities to stop violence, repression, prosecution and detention of peaceful demonstrators, Human Rights defenders, bloggers and journalists; urges the authorities to act in strict accordance with their legislation and international obligations; stresses the right to a fair trial which Bahrain has signed up to;

2.  Reiterates its call on the Bahraini authorities to release immediately and unconditionally all the political activists, journalists and Human Rights defenders, bloggers and medical staff who have been detained or convicted only for the exercise of the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly; expresses its strong concern about the life sentences of at least 8 opposition activists and another 13 who received up to 15 years prison sentences;


3.  Calls upon the King of Bahrain and the Bahraini authorities to immediately and unconditionally release from prison Human Rights defender Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, the founder of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights and former President of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, whose life is at risk due to his hunger strike and ill-treatment;


4.  Stresses that demonstrators have expressed their legitimate democratic aspirations and urges the Bahraini authorities to implement the necessary reforms and to achieve the process of reconciliation within an inclusive and constructive dialogue which is an essential part for the democratic stability in Bahrain's diverse society in which the rights of each citizen should be equally guaranteed in both letter and practice of the law;

5. Welcomes BICI's recommendations and urges the Bahraini government to fully and effectively implement all of the BICI recommendations , to usher in legislative reforms to ensure laws are in line with international Human Rights standards and to ensure independent investigations into Human Rights violations


6.  Reiterates its call the for the full respect of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms, with special regard to the freedom of assembly and expression, freedom of religion, women’s rights and gender equality, fight against discrimination;


7.  Urges the national authorities as well as the European enterprises involved to order the immediate reintegration of the remaining individuals who had been dismissed from their jobs;


8. Welcomes the Bahraini government initiative of setting up a independent national Human Rights Commission and calls for the full impartiality and transparency of its work; calls on the Bahraini Government not to interfere in its work and to ensure that perpetrators of crimes and all persons responsible for the violent crackdown, are brought to justice and tried by due process;


9.  Calls on the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and other countries to suspend all military and security-related sales and assistance to Bahrain until the government addresses the serious violation of rights resulting from the suppression of peaceful demonstrations and the unfair trials;


10.  Reiterates its strong opposition against the use of the death penalty and urges the Bahraini authorities to declare an immediate moratorium;


11.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the governments and parliaments of the Member States, the Government and Parliament of the Kingdom of Bahrain.



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