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to wind up the debate on the statement by the Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

pursuant to Rule 110(2) of the Rules of Procedure

on the Israeli Government’s decision to expand settlement in the West Bank (2012/2911(RSP))

Fiorello Provera, Lorenzo Fontana, Mara Bizzotto, Oreste Rossi on behalf of the EFD Group

European Parliament resolution on the Israeli Government’s decision to expand settlement in the West Bank (2012/2911(RSP))  

The European Parliament,

–   having regard to its previous resolutions on the Middle East,

–   having regard to the Oslo Accords (‘Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements’) of 13 September 1993,

–   having regard to the Charter of the United Nations,

–   having regard to the Interim Agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip of 28 September 1995,

–   having regard to Rule 110(2) of its Rules of Procedure,

A. whereas the Israeli Government has announced plans to construct approximately 3 000 new housing units in the West Bank, including in East Jerusalem;

B.  whereas the area of Ma’ale Adumim was one of the areas designated by President Clinton for territorial exchanges between the parties;

C. whereas the Palestinian Authority decided to seek recognition as a non-member observer at the UN General Assembly, in violation of the Oslo Accords;

D. whereas one of the founding principles of the Oslo Accords was that disagreements, including on the issue of settlements, would be settled through direct negotiation;

E.  whereas the EU has repeatedly confirmed its support for the two-state solution, with the State of Israel and an independent, democratic, contiguous and viable State of Palestine living side by side in peace and security;

1.  Is deeply concerned by the refusal of the Palestinian Authority to rejoin the direct talks with Israel on a final settlement of their disputes, which will include the issue of Israeli settlers, as well as guarantees of the security of the State of Israel;

2.  Notes that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians will be resolved only through direct negotiations in which the needs of both Israelis and Palestinians are addressed;

3.  Stresses that a new Palestinian State will not exist until Israel is recognised as a Jewish State and the status of minorities (including Jewish minorities living in the West Bank) is protected;

4.  Underlines the fact that the settlement issue is one that has to be resolved through negotiation and that it is not the root cause of the conflict, since attacks were waged against Israel from the area currently known as West Bank for 50 years before the existence of a single settlement in the region;

5.  Calls on President Abbas to resume direct talks with Israel without any delay or precondition; urges the EU and its Member States to engage in diplomatic efforts to resume dialogue between Israel and the Palestinian Authority aimed at achieving a lasting and realistic peace settlement;

6.  Notes that the UN General Assembly vote granting observer status to the Palestinians could undermine the efforts to restart negotiations between the two sides;

7.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the Vice‑President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the governments and parliaments of the Member States, the EU Special Representative to the Middle East Peace Process, the President of the UN General Assembly, the governments and parliaments of the UN Security Council members, the Middle East Quartet Envoy, the Knesset and the Government of Israel, the President of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Legislative Council.

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