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Proċedura : 2016/2808(RSP)
Ċiklu ta' ħajja waqt sessjoni
Ċiklu relatat mad-dokument : B8-0900/2016

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Dibattiti :

PV 07/07/2016 - 7.2
CRE 07/07/2016 - 7.2

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PDF 261kWORD 68k
See also joint motion for a resolution RC-B8-0900/2016

with request for inclusion in the agenda for a debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law

pursuant to Rule 135 of the Rules of Procedure

on Bahrain (2016/2808(RSP))

Charles Tannock, Ryszard Antoni Legutko, Tomasz Piotr Poręba, Ryszard Czarnecki, Karol Karski, Raffaele Fitto, Angel Dzhambazki, Arne Gericke, Monica Macovei, Valdemar Tomaševski, Ruža Tomašić on behalf of the ECR Group
NB: This motion for a resolution is available in the original language only.

European Parliament resolution on Bahrain (2016/2808(RSP))  

The European Parliament,

- having regard to its previous resolutions on Bahrain, including those of 4 February 2016 and 9 July 2015;


- having regard to the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) established by Royal Order to investigate and report on the events that took place in Bahrain in February 2011, the consequences of those events, and which reported in November 2011;


- having regard to the recommendations in the Manama Declaration on Combating the Financing of Terrorism of November 9th 2015;


- having regard to the workshop on combating terror financing and violent extremism organised by the Bahraini Foreign Ministry, the Central Bank of Bahrain in cooperation with the GCC General-Secretariat and the US held on 21 November 2015;


- having regard to the presentation of the Second Annual Report 2014 by the President of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), Dr. Abdulaziz Abul to Interior Minister Lt. Gen. Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa on 27 January 2016;


- having regard to the Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) of 1988;


- having regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948;


- having regard to the 1949 Geneva Convention;


- having regard to Rule 135 of its Rules of Procedure;


A. Whereas Bahrain is a key ally to the European Union in the Arabian Gulf, including in areas of political and economic relations, energy, and security; whereas the stability of the Arabian Gulf region is of strategic interest to NATO and it is in our mutual interest to further deepen our partnership as to better respond to future security challenges;


B. Whereas political work in the Kingdom of Bahrain is central to the democratic transition and support for comprehensive reforms; whereas the rights of political organisations are guaranteed by the Constitution of the Kingdom and is regulated by various national laws and executive regulations;


C. Whereas the Kingdom of Bahrain is an Arab state with a rich history of longstanding openness to other cultures around the world and where Bahraini identity is central to its national identity;


D. Whereas the Kingdom of Bahrain has suspended Al Wefaq, the Kingdom’s largest Shiite political group and froze its assets on June 14th 2016; whereas, according to the Justice and Islamic Affairs Ministry, Al Wefaq has been suspended to safeguard the security of the Kingdom;


E. Whereas Bahrain and the rest of the Muslim world celebrates Eid-al-Fitr on this day; extends Eid Mubarak wishes to the Kingdom of Bahrain;


1. Respects the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Bahrain and encourages continued dialogue between the Government of Bahrain, the European Union, its Member States and third countries on issues relating to the reform and reconciliation process;


2. Stresses the importance of non-interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs by Iran and proxies seeking to subvert the stability and security of the Kingdom of Bahrain; welcomes in this regard the recent statements by the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation;


3. Believes that legitimate and peaceful grievances must be allowed to be expressed freely and can contribute to the on-going reform process in Bahrain; calls for greater basic freedoms for all Bahraini citizens;


4. Notes the decision to suspend Al Wefaq, the country’s largest Shiite political group; in this light notes the statement by the Justice and Islamic Affairs Ministry accusing Al Wefaq of having links with sectarian and extremist political parties, which in turn have links to terrorism; whereas it has been demonstrated that Al Wefaq has had relations with the government of Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Dawa party in Iraq;


5. Notes the sentencing of Ali Salman, Secretary-General of the Al Wefaq society, on May 30th 2016; acknowledges that Ali Salman has the right to appeal his sentence in accordance with the due processes as guaranteed by the criminal justice laws in Bahrain;


6. Welcomes the Bahraini people’s commitment to advancing values of moderation and their constructive role in defying extremism; strongly condemns any attempt to restrict freedom of expression through intimidation, violence, arrest or imprisonment;


7. Invites Al Wefaq to establish a new political association subject to Bahrain’s national laws, respect for the Bahraini Constitution and not compromise on national unity;


8. Expresses grave concern about Nabeel Rajab’s heart problems after his re-arrest on June 13th 2016 and his imprisonment in solitary confinement for over two weeks; expresses support for his repeated advocacy to promote freedom of expression and debate in the Kingdom of Bahrain; regrets the fear of re-arrest by Zainab Al Khawaja and who therefore decided to flee to Denmark;


9. Welcomes Bahrain's model of religious and cultural diversity and welcomes the National Action Charter and the constitution in this regard; notes Bahrain’s active civil society, including 104 charitable societies, 31 Islamic societies and 19 Christian societies amongst others;


10. Welcomes Bahrain's participation in the fight against international terrorism as well as its efforts to combat terror financing; furthermore welcomes Bahrain’s full commitment to combat transnational organised crime including money laundering;


11. Welcomes Bahrain's participation in the US-led coalition against the Islamic State; expresses great concern however about possible links between individual prominent Bahraini citizens and the Islamic State;


12. Calls for continued international support to the Government of Bahrain in the full implementation of its human rights, judicial, and political reform programme, as recommended in the BICI report, including through the provision of technical assistance, training, and best practice sharing;


13. Calls for the strengthening of relations between NATO and Bahrain in the framework of the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, including the strengthening of maritime security and in this regard, particularly welcomes the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF);


14. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the EEAS, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, the parliaments and governments of the Member States, the Government and Parliament of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf.


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