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Nós Imeachta : 2016/2993(RSP)
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An doiciméad roghnaithe : B8-1276/2016

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PV 24/11/2016 - 8.7
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See also joint motion for a resolution RC-B8-1276/2016

to wind up the debate on the statement by the Vice-President of the Commission / High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

pursuant to Rule 123(2) of the Rules of Procedure

on EU-Turkey relations (2016/2993(RSP))

Rebecca Harms, Ska Keller, Bodil Valero, Ernest Maragall, Ulrike Lunacek, Barbara Lochbihler, Josep-Maria Terricabras, Helga Trüpel, Pascal Durand, Igor Šoltes, Heidi Hautala, Eva Joly, Bart Staes, Molly Scott Cato, Judith Sargentini, Klaus Buchner, Jean Lambert, Michèle Rivasi on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group

European Parliament resolution on EU-Turkey relations (2016/2993(RSP))  

The European Parliament,

–  having regard to its previous resolutions, in particular those of 27 October 2016 on the situation of journalists in Turkey(1) and of 14 April 2016 on the 2015 report on Turkey(2),

–  having regard to the EU Negotiation Framework for Turkey, of 3 October 2005,

–  having regard to the annual progress report on Turkey for 2016, published by the Commission on 9 November 2016 (SWD(2016)0366),

–  having regard to the remarks made by Vice-President / High Representative Federica Mogherini on 18 July 2016, at the joint press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry,

–  having regard to Regulation (EU) No 231/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2014 establishing an Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II)(3),

–  having regard to the right to freedom of expression enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Turkey is a state party,

–  having regard to Rule 123(2) of its Rules of Procedure,

A.  whereas the European Union and the European Parliament have strongly condemned the failed military coup in Turkey and recognised the legitimate responsibility of the Turkish authorities to prosecute those responsible and involved in this attempt;

B.  whereas Turkey is a candidate country of the European Union; whereas the Turkish Government’s repressive measures under the state of emergency are disproportionate, in breach of democratic values upon which the European Union is founded and contrary to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; whereas since the coup the authorities have arrested 10 members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly belonging to the opposition party HDP and some 150 journalists (the largest number of such arrests worldwide), and whereas 40 000 people have been detained, of whom more than 31 000 remain under arrest, and 129 000 public employees remain either suspended (66 000) or have been dismissed (63 000), most of whom have, to date, had no charges brought against them;

C.  whereas President Erdogan and the Turkish Government have made repeated statements on the reintroduction of the death penalty; whereas Vice-President / High Representative Federica Mogherini has reiterated that ‘no country can become an EU Member State if it introduces the death penalty’;

D.  whereas there are serious concerns over the conditions in which those detained and arrested following the coup have been held, with allegations of torture, mistreatment and forced disappearances, and over the severe restrictions on freedom of expression and freedom of the press and media in Turkey, given that there are hardly any independent media left; whereas political repression has led to increasing numbers of asylum seekers from Turkey in certain Member States;

E.  whereas paragraph 5 of the Negotiating Framework for Accession Negotiations with Turkey stipulates that the Commission, ‘in the case of a serious and persistent breach of the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, will recommend the suspension of negotiations and propose the conditions for their resumption’; whereas Turkey no longer sufficiently complies with the Copenhagen criteria as it does not respect the values of Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union; whereas a temporary halt to negotiations would entail the current talks being frozen, no new chapters being opened and no new initiatives being undertaken in relation to Turkey’s EU accession, including no enhancement of the customs union;

1.  Strongly condemns the disproportionate repressive measures under way in Turkey since the failed military take-over in July; calls on the Commission and the Member States to initiate a temporary freeze on the ongoing accession negotiations until the Turkish Government returns to the path of respect for the rule of law and human rights;

2.  Instructs the Commission to set out clear benchmarks for the resumption of accession negotiations, alongside the stipulations in the Copenhagen criteria; reiterates that the reintroduction of the capital punishment by Turkey would lead to a formal suspension of the negotiations;

3.  Underlines that work on visa liberalisation will only resume once Turkey adequately fulfils all the conditions set out in the visa liberalisation agenda and there is no more misuse of the state of emergency in the country; insists that the Member States must agree on an ambitious resettlement plan for refugees and that the EU must stop returning refugees to Turkey under the EU-Turkey Statement on Migration;

4.  Asks the Commission to consider the implications which suspension of the funding provided to Turkey under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) would have, taking into account the influence of this decision on the country’s civil society; remains committed, however, to keeping Turkey anchored to the EU and supports all the democratic actors in the country;

5.  Considers that the conditions laid down in Council Common Position 2008/944/CFSP for arms exports to Turkey are not met at the moment, and calls on the Member States to freeze arms exports to the country; urges also all the Member States concerned to withdraw their armed forces and equipment from Turkey;

6.  Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the Government and Parliament of Turkey, the Member States and the European External Action Service.


Texts adopted, P8_TA(2016)0423.


Texts adopted, P8_TA(2016)0133.


OJ L 77, 15.3.2014, p. 11.

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