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<TitreRecueil>pursuant to Rule 206 of the Rules of Procedure</TitreRecueil>

<Titre>on the numerical strength of the standing committees</Titre>


<Commission>Conference of Presidents</Commission>


European Parliament decision on the numerical strength of the standing committees


The European Parliament,

 having regard to the proposal from the Conference of Presidents,

 having regard to its decision of 15 January 2014 on the powers and responsibilities of the standing committees[1] and its decision of 18 June 2020 on setting up a subcommittee on tax matters[2],

 having regard to Rule 206 of its Rules of Procedure,

1. Decides that the numerical strength of the standing committees and subcommittees shall be as follows:

I. Committee on Foreign Affairs: 79 members,

II. Committee on Development: 26 members,

III. Committee on International Trade: 43 members,

IV. Committee on Budgets: 41 members,

V. Committee on Budgetary Control: 30 members,

VI. Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs: 61 members,

VII. Committee on Employment and Social Affairs: 55 members,

VIII. Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety: 88 members,

IX. Committee on Industry, Research and Energy: 78 members,

X. Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection: 45 members,

XI. Committee on Transport and Tourism: 49 members,

XII. Committee on Regional Development: 43 members,

XIII. Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development: 48 members,

XIV. Committee on Fisheries: 28 members,

XV. Committee on Culture and Education: 31 members,

XVI. Committee on Legal Affairs: 25 members,

XVII.  Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs: 69 members,

XVIII. Committee on Constitutional Affairs: 28 members,

XIX. Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality: 37 members,

XX. Committee on Petitions: 35 members,

Subcommittee on Human Rights: 30 members,

Subcommittee on Security and Defence: 30 members,

Subcommittee on Tax Matters: 30 members;

2. Decides, with reference to the decisions of the Conference of Presidents of 30 June 2019 and 9 January 2020 relating to the composition of committee bureaux, that the committee bureaux may consist of up to four vice-chairs;

3. Instructs its President to forward this decision to the Council and the Commission, for information.


[1] OJ C 482, 23.12.2016, p. 160.

[2] OJ C 362, 8.9.2021, p. 181.

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