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Propunere de rezoluţie - B9-0369/2023Propunere de rezoluţie
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MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION on the case of Dr Gubad Ibadoghlu, imprisoned in Azerbaijan

12.9.2023 - (2023/2832(RSP))

with request for inclusion in the agenda for a debate on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law
pursuant to Rule 144 of the Rules of Procedure

Stelios Kouloglou
on behalf of The Left Group

See also joint motion for a resolution RC-B9-0369/2023

Procedură : 2023/2832(RSP)
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Motion for a European Parliament resolution on the case of Dr Gubad Ibadoghlu, imprisoned in Azerbaijan


The European Parliament,

-  having regard to Rule 144 of its Rules of Procedure,


-  having regard to the obligations of Azerbaijan under the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,



  1.  Whereas Dr Gubad Ibadoghlu is an Azerbaijani political economist, civil activist and chairperson of the Azerbaijan Democracy and Prosperity Movement; whereas he has focused part of his academic research on corruption and money laundering in Azerbaijan;


  1. Whereas Ibadoghlu and his wife Irada Bayramova were arbitrarily detained in July 2023; whereas Bayramova was eventually released without charges; whereas both have allegedly been physically assaulted and psychologically abused during their detention;


  1. Whereas Ibadoghlu has been charged with the production of counterfeit money by an organized group, and with the preparation, storage and distribution of religious extremist materials; whereas he faces up to 12 years in prison;


  1. Whereas Dr Ibadoghlu remains in detention with limited contact with his lawyer, unable to meet him in private;


  1. Whereas Ibadoghlu suffers from serious health conditions and is being denied access to vital medication and medical examinations; whereas on September 5, the ECHR adopted temporary interim measures, ordering the Government of Azerbaijan to take urgent measures to ensure the protection of Ibadoglhu’s health; whereas the conditions of his detention may amount to inhuman and degrading treatment;



  1. Condemns the arrest of Gubad Ibadoghlu; expresses its deep concern over reports that Ibadoghlu is seriously ill; calls on Azerbaijan authorities to release Gubad Ibadoghlu;


  1. Pending his release, calls on Azerbaijani authorities to provide Ibadoghlu with food, water and necessary medical treatment and care, including independent medical examinations, and to ensure his protection from torture and other ill-treatment;


  1. Calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to respect Ibadoghlu’s human right to a fair trial, including access to a lawyer of his choice, as guaranteed by the ECHR and ICCPR;


  1.  Calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to conduct a prompt and independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrests of Ibadoglhu and Bayramova, in particular the allegations of ill-treatment in detention and violation of their fair trial rights; calls for those responsible to be held accountable;


  1. Calls on Azerbaijan to protect the human rights of its citizens, in consistence with its national and international human rights obligations; calls on the Azerbaijani authorities to ensure, in law and in practice, a free and safe environment for the peaceful exercise of the rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association on its territory, including for civil society organisations;
  2. Calls on the EU to ensure the explicit inclusion of Azerbaijan’s obligation to respect, protect and promote human rights in the new partnership agreement between the EU and Azerbaijan, as well as the effective monitoring of the country’s human rights commitments;


  1. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the Governments and Parliaments of Member States, and the Governments of Azerbaijan.




Ultima actualizare: 12 septembrie 2023
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