Motion for a resolution - B9-0217/2024Motion for a resolution

MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION on whale and dolphin hunting in the Faroe Islands


pursuant to Rule 143 of the Rules of Procedure

Francisco Guerreiro


Motion for a European Parliament resolution on whale and dolphin hunting in the Faroe Islands

The European Parliament,

 having regard to Rule 143 of its Rules of Procedure,

A. whereas the EU has enacted legislation to protect cetaceans from being hunted, caught or kept in captivity, and to prohibit trade in products made from these animals and originating from non-EU countries[1];

1. Recognises concerns regarding the grindadráp in the Faroe Islands, which conflicts with European values, and calls on the Commission to:

a. reopen negotiations regarding the agreement between the EU and the Danish and Faroese governments[2] concerning fishery imports and fishing practices, and suspend imports until the Faroese government indefinitely suspends the grindadráp;

b. revise the EU’s agreement with the Faroese government on the participation of the Faroe Islands in Union programmes[3] and suspend funding to the Faroe Islands though Horizon Europe and all other Union programmes, noting that Faroese whale and dolphin hunting is not in line with the EU’s sustainability goals;

c. mandate country-of-origin labelling for fish products originating from the Faroe Islands to improve transparency in the single market and allow consumers to make informed choices;

d. ensure the alignment of the Faroe Islands’ whaling regulations with international standards, including provisions to protect mothers and offspring of targeted marine mammal species.

Last updated: 17 April 2024
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