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Tuesday, 5 September 2000 - Strasbourg OJ edition


  Andreasen, Busk, Haarder, Jensen and Riis-Jørgensen (ELDR), in writing.(DA) The Liberal Party’s five Members of the European Parliament support the efforts in this report to give better diplomatic training to those EC officials who work in the Commission’s delegations. We have proposed – and had accepted – an amendment which emphasises that it is simply a question of in-service training and that the courses are to be open to diplomats from the national foreign services. The Liberals do not, however, support the idea of setting up a new institution in the form of an EC College of Diplomacy. Nor do we want the present delegations to develop into EU embassies. Therefore, the Liberals have today voted in favour of the report as a whole but abstained from voting on the above-mentioned points.

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