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Tuesday, 13 March 2001 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Carriers' liability

  Turco (TDI).(IT) Mr President, on behalf of the Members of the Bonino List, I would like to announce that we are going to vote against the Kirkhope report and against the French Presidency's proposal, which is yet another repressive proposal on migration.

There is no doubt that the considerations expressed by Mrs Cerdeira, Mrs Sörensen and Mrs Frahm and by the last speaker appear to be well-founded, but in order to be able to evaluate the report and the proposal, we need to take into account a question of principle, and that is that we have reached the point where we are going to have to resort to fragmentation on the issue of immigration policy, for otherwise we would have to admit, or rather the Council, above all, would have to admit that it is unable to regulate this phenomenon or rather that it failed to predict what might happen, that it failed to prevent it and that it is still unable to regulate it through government proposals.

We are bombarded by proposals from the Council and the individual Member States which, on the one hand, say they want to create a common, overall immigration policy while, on the other hand, they are integrating and harmonising areas of repressive law, without defining in any way the contents and criteria which will be – or rather which ought to be – at the basis of the future European immigration policy.

We do not feel that the report and the proposal in question can make any contribution to the quest for an immigration policy; on the contrary, in our opinion, it is precisely these proposals which contribute to events such as the Dover incident, where human lives were lost. We are just helping the mafia to grow richer.

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