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Monday, 10 January 2005 - Strasbourg OJ edition

One-minute speeches on matters of political importance

  E. Gentvilas (ALDE). (LT) Mr President, I would personally like to put to you the same question as my Polish colleague. Information on your speech which mentioned Lithuania's role in Ukraine's orange revolution appeared in the Polish press. I am interested in the answer which you gave my Polish colleague. I would like to request that a videotape with your Madrid speech be made available to the thirteen Lithuanian Members of the European Parliament. As I trust you, I do not demand your resignation and really would like to talk about the more serious problems which you mentioned. A revolution has taken place in Ukraine, there have been changes. We and you, as the leaders of Parliament, must begin to discuss relations between the European Union and Ukraine. We must start to prepare a realistic programme on how Europe should look to the new Ukraine and what we offer the people of Ukraine, because they expect a great deal. We must be glad that the Ukrainians repeated the Polish and Lithuanian experience, bringing about change in their country peacefully, without arms or coercion. Now we – the whole of the European Union, all nations – must say: we need Ukrainians, we offer you the following steps and you must perform the following tasks. I believe that this is what you had in mind when you said that there are far more important problems than the resignation proposal.

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