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 Celotno besedilo 
Tuesday, 22 February 2005 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Pollution from ships

  Attard-Montalto (PSE). Mr President, on a point of order, the Commissioner has misquoted me. He has no right to misquote me. My intention was clear: I did not refer in any way to discharges, whether negligent or intentional, within home ports or home waters, and he knows that. He quoted me as saying that the discrimination that would be created between ships of a third country and ships flying Member States' flags was applicable to discharges in home waters, when he knows very well that I did not say that.

I asked, and I still await his answer, whether, with regard to discharges made outside home waters, there is discrimination between ships flying flags of European nations and those flying flags of third countries. I should like the Commissioner to answer that question, and not a question that I did not ask.

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