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Tuesday, 5 July 2005 - Strasbourg OJ edition

21. Welcome

  President. I am glad to be able to welcome to the House a delegation from the Indian Parliament, who are sitting in the Official Gallery.


The delegation is composed of four members of the House of the People and three members of the Council of States, led by the Vice-President of the Council of States, Mr Raman Khan. On behalf of this House, I welcome this delegation, which is in Strasbourg for the European Parliament’s twelfth Interparliamentary Meeting with India.

Last year, a working party from this House met with their Indian counterparts in New Delhi, and this visit confirms the renewed interest in an exchange during the present Parliament, both the Indian parliament and our own being newly elected. We particularly welcome the ongoing and ever more fruitful cooperation with India, and we will play our part in deepening the cooperation between our Parliaments. A warm welcome to you!




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