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Wednesday, 6 July 2005 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Africa, globalisation and poverty

  Marie-Arlette Carlotti (PSE).(FR) Mr President, what if, after these last few rather sad weeks for the European Union, it were now to bounce back, precisely on the issue of development, and prove that it is in the vanguard of the fight against poverty. The European Union is on the right track with its twofold commitment: 0.7% of its wealth for development aid by 2015 and 50% of this increase for Africa. I am delighted that the British Presidency is making Africa its central concern.

Tony Blair must also take advantage of his presidency of the G8 to obtain something other than declarations of intent from the rich: the only cheque that he must defend is the one promised at Monterrey. Further progress is needed on debt cancellation, but a premium on democracy must be introduced and new sources of finance urgently sought: taxes on the movement of capital, on the arms trade, on CO2 emissions, it does not matter, all manner of things have been put forward. We must reach conclusions now because, in the words of the slogan of the global campaign against poverty, after 2005 there will be no more excuses.

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