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Tuesday, 6 September 2005 - Strasbourg OJ edition


Before the vote:


  Lívia Járóka (PPE-DE). Mr President, I should like to propose two changes to the original text. Both of them are in relation to the Roma community in Europe. Firstly, at Recital 7, Amendment 6, I shall read out the words that I would like to have inserted into the text: '... as well as the particular situation of the Roma'.

The second change that I propose is in relation to the importance of the positive measures. In this paragraph, I propose inserting a whole sentence, which would read: 'Attention should be paid in particular to the case of traditionally disadvantaged groups [such] as Roma and people with disabilities.'


  Karin Jöns (PSE), rapporteur. – (DE) Speaking in my capacity as rapporteur, I would like to point out that the Commission proposal covers all the categories referred to in Article 13, including, that is to say, the groups discriminated against on the grounds of their ethnic origin. The fact is, then, that PROGRESS will also give attention to the particular problems of the Roma. I find it a shame that nothing was said in the Committee about whether or not there should be explicit reference to them, for otherwise we would have had the time to discuss this there.

Including a new group at this point creates problems, for we ought then, in fact, to keep on mentioning the other affected groups separately; so far, we have made specific reference only to people with disabilities. We should leave it at that rather than starting to include individual groups; Article 13 should continue to apply. I might add, by the way, that it was my group that, when we voted in June, stated that we would pay special attention in this programme to the problems faced by the Sinti and Roma. In view of all this, I shall abstain from voting.


(The President noted that 37 Members objected to the oral amendments, which were not therefore retained)

Before the vote on the draft legislative resolution:


  Karin Jöns (PSE), rapporteur. (DE) I would like to extend very warm thanks to the members of the Temporary Committee on the Financial Perspective, who have made it possible for us to get, in the shape of the funds we need, a good instrument for carrying out our social policy agenda.

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