Thursday, 1 December 2005 - BrusselsOJ edition
 1.Opening of the sitting
 2.Documents received: see Minutes
 3.Common system of VAT - VAT refunds - VAT applied to highly labour-intensive services
 4.Developments in Slovakia regarding police forces
 5.Approval of Minutes of previous sitting: see Minutes
 6.Voting time
 7.Financing instrument for development cooperation and economic cooperation
 8.EC-South Africa Agreement
 10.Immunity of Andrzej Pęczak
 11.Immunity of Giovanni Claudio Fava
 12.Draft amending budget No 6/2005 of the European Union (as modified by the Council)
 13.Draft amending budget No 6/2005
 14.Budgetary discipline
 15.Compulsory licensing for pharmaceutical patents
 16.Bird flu
 17.Veterinary expenditure
 18.Widening the eurozone
 19.Common system of VAT
 20.VAT refunds
 21.European regulatory agencies
 22.Preparation for the WTO conference
 23.Human rights in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
 24.Olympic truce
 25.Development and sport
 26.Approval of the Commission
 27.Applying competition rules to maritime transport
 28.Electronic communications
 29.VAT applied to highly labour-intensive services
 30.Explanations of vote
 31.Corrections to votes: see Minutes
 32.Membership of committees and delegations: see Minutes
 33.Verification of credentials: see Minutes
 34.Membership of Parliament: see Minutes
 35.Forwarding of texts adopted during the sitting: see Minutes
 36.Dates for next sittings: see Minutes
 37.Adjournment of the session
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