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Tuesday, 13 December 2005 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Draft general budget 2006, as modified by the Council (all sections) - Mobilisation of the flexibility instrument - Draft amending budget No 8/2005

  Silvana Koch-Mehrin (ALDE). – (DE) Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, it is perfectly plain from the negotiations on the 2006 budget, and even more so from the debates on the financial perspective, that the way the Council is acting is reminiscent of someone who leaves a restaurant without settling the bill. The Council orders more and more powers for the European Union, while being willing to pay less and less for them. The Council sticks up for the Member States. What the Member States want is for the EU to do more and more with the Common Foreign and Security Policy, to fight terrorism and crime, to subsidise agriculture, to organise policies for the protection of the environment and of consumers, for development aid and much else – the list is endless. It is getting longer, and, as we all know, that costs money – a lot of money. So let me tell the Council that it is time the simple truth dawned on it that more powers cost more money, and fewer powers cost less money. It is irresponsible of the Council to demand more powers while at the same time being less and less willing to spend money. Reforming the way the money is spent would do us all some good.

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