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Tuesday, 14 February 2006 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Local border traffic (debate)

  Michael Cashman, on behalf of the PSE Group. Mr President, I would like to thank Vice-President Frattini for his comments. As the rapporteur on the Schengen border code, I believe that we did set the precedent for close and effective cooperation.

We all know the substance of this report. It is about making people’s lives easier and improving the daily lives of our citizens. Arguably, that is what we should focus on more and more. It reinforces the Schengen border code. We know that, once we have secure external borders, freedom of movement within the EU will be much simpler and more easily controlled. Equally, we must remember that we need to be sensible. Like Mr Brejc, Mr Lax, and others, I myself have adopted that approach.

If what comes from the Commission is sensible, we only need to amend it to improve, simplify or clarify. That must be our approach. We will then bring forward effective and well-understood regulation that is easy to implement at our borders.

As the shadow rapporteur on the Visa Information System, that is also the approach I want to take. I know the rapporteur for the Schengen Information System is here today and I believe that, by cooperating in order to secure our borders and make sure that the information we have is used effectively, we will enhance the single biggest benefit of being a member of the EU, which is freedom of movement. Congratulations to all concerned.


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