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Wednesday, 31 May 2006 - Brussels OJ edition

EU-US Transatlantic Partnership Agreement – EU-US economic relations (debate)

  Philip Claeys (NI). – (NL) Mr President, although the draft resolution points out – and with good reason – the need for a stable institutional framework for transatlantic relations, I do believe that this debate should not just be about structures. It is, above all, important that there should be a willingness to work together on both sides of the ocean and to address together the problems that we face.

As far as the fight against terrorism is concerned, we in this House have already devoted much attention – as indeed we should have done – to Guantánamo Bay and the CIA’s allegedly unlawful practices in Europe. It goes without saying that the fight against terrorism must be conducted within a strictly legal framework.

It should also be said, though, that some groups here in this House are not as much interested in the rights of terrorists or alleged terrorists as they are in mainly indulging in basic anti-Americanism. If those groups were as active in denouncing the human rights violations in Cuba, for example, much more progress would have been made by now. We are talking here about people who have not only been charged with terrorism, but are also behind bars because of their political views.

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