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Wednesday, 25 October 2006 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Posting of workers (debate)

  Harald Ettl (PSE).(DE) Mr President, I wish the Posting of Workers Directive were no longer needed, and I am sure that the Commissioner is thinking along similar lines. Nor am I sure that this law actually can adequately protect workers from exploitation, but there is no other means available to us – or none that is adequate – to prevent problems on the European labour market.

What is clear is that the most important features of the Posting of Workers Directive function only to a limited extent – I am talking here not only about the imposition of administrative penalties across borders, but also about the cooperation between authorities. Moreover, the failure to take account of bonuses as an often essential component of wages leads to more wage dumping.

No doubt the minimum requirement for the Posting of Workers Directive to function will be the availability of a person who can act as the representative of the delegating enterprise and ensure that the directive is applied.

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