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PV 30/11/2006 - 4
CRE 30/11/2006 - 4

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PV 30/11/2006 - 8.23
CRE 30/11/2006 - 8.23

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Czwartek, 30 listopada 2006 r. - Bruksela Wersja poprawiona

8.23. AIDS (głosowanie)

- Before the vote on paragraph 19:


  John Bowis (PPE-DE). – Mr President, as sometimes happens, a few words get lost in the negotiations or between them and the printed word, and with the support of all the groups involved, I should like to move the addition after paragraph 19 of the following new paragraph: ‘Calls for greater investment in the development and provision of paediatric formulations for children;’.


- The oral amendment was accepted.

Informacja prawna - Polityka ochrony prywatności