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Monday, 12 February 2007 - Strasbourg OJ edition

One-minute speeches on matters of political importance

  Eugenijus Gentvilas (ALDE). (LT) Mr President, 16 February is the day that Lithuania celebrates the Restoration of Statehood; however, in the calendar produced for the Members of the European Parliament, it is indicated that we celebrate our National Day not on 16 February, but on 1 February.

Furthermore, in this calendar the dates of four of my country’s public holidays are mixed up. Just imagine: the calendar states that St John’s Day, which all of the Christian world celebrates on 24 June, is celebrated in Lithuania on 1 June. This is absurd, total carelessness on the part of parliamentary staff. I understand, Mr President, that you were not responsible for these mistakes at the time; nonetheless, I would prefer that, in future, you and other managers of Parliament do not allow such errors to occur. The purpose of these calendars is to enable us to get to know our colleagues from other countries better, including their public holidays. But in regard to Lithuania, the calendar is a total collection of errors.

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