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Wednesday, 23 May 2007 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Explanations of vote

Text tabled : A6-0068/2007

  Marie-Arlette Carlotti (PSE), in writing. – (FR) This report by the European Parliament is a step in the right direction.

It makes decent work a tool of European development policy, firstly by cofinancing, with the ILO, a development programme for decent work, and secondly by creating a European label and a blacklist of companies that violate fundamental labour standards, and lastly by implementing trade sanctions against countries that seriously infringe fundamental social rights.

It brings about progress for decent work in Europe, where much also remains to be done: by urging the Member States to ratify the ILO conventions on the health and safety of workers, maternity protection and migrant workers; by calling for the introduction of a minimum wage as a safety net to prevent workers from being exploited in any way; by improving access to lifelong learning and by calling for greater harmonisation of pension schemes.

These are the foundations of this social Europe that the Socialist Group in the European Parliament wants to build. I shall therefore vote in favour of this report.

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