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Postup : 2006/2048(INI)
Postup v rámci schôdze
Postup dokumentu : A6-0191/2007

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PV 21/06/2007 - 5
CRE 21/06/2007 - 5

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PV 21/06/2007 - 8.11
CRE 21/06/2007 - 8.11
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Štvrtok, 21. júna 2007 - Štrasburg Revidované vydanie

8.11. Dôvera spotrebiteľov v digitálne prostredie (hlasovanie)

- Relazione: Roithová (A6-0191/2007)


  Thijs Berman (PSE). – Mr President, on 31 January 2007 I sent a letter to the President of this Parliament proposing the organisation of an annual lecture to honour the memory of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. This Politkovskaya lecture should be held by a journalist who distinguishes her or himself through an outstanding effort to defend democracy and respect for all human beings. With this lecture we would honour all journalists for their essential role in keeping societies open.

This proposal was co-signed by Bart Staes, Jean-Marie Cavada, Ewa Klamt and Luisa Morgantini. Rule 28 states that the Presidency has to answer within 30 days. I received only a vague reply and nothing has happened in the mean time. We would like to organise this event for October this year, one year after the assassination of our valued Anna Politkovskaya. We need the cooperation of the Presidency and we hope we can count on it.



  Presidente. Grazie onorevole. Penso che la risposta interlocutoria servisse appunto a non fare decadere i tempi. Comunque è ovvio che riferirò e verificherò con l'Ufficio di Presidenza e con il Presidente il seguito da dare alla sua richiesta.

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