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Monday, 3 September 2007 - Strasbourg OJ edition

One-minute speeches on matters of political importance

  Maria Petre (PPE-DE). - (RO) In the Accession Treaty to the European Union, Romania undertook to organise elections for the European Parliament by the end of this year. The Romanian Government unfortunately postponed the initial date for the European Parliament elections, that is 13 May, until 25 November. Analysts say that the main reason for this postponement was fear of certain political parties, including the governing parties, concerning the outcome of these elections. An old Romanian proverb says “you can run but you cannot hide”. The Romanian Government is afraid not only of these elections but also, unfortunately, is afraid of women. There is no woman in the Government and this is something particular in the EU Member States. Among the current 35 Romanian MEPs, 12 are women. After the November elections, the political parties should be able to change the gender ratio and they should designate at least 18 women in the European Parliament. I would like to assure you that the Democrat Party -as a member of the European Popular Party- will act in this way. Therefore, I would like to remind the Romanian Prime Minister that Romania is part of the European Union as of 1 January and that 2007 is the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All.

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