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Wednesday, 5 September 2007 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Council Question Time


Question No 23 by Johan Van Hecke (H-0572/07)

Subject: Situation in Zimbabwe

The political and economic situation in Zimbabwe has reportedly assumed ‘life-threatening proportions’. The police have arrested more than 1 300 shop keepers and managers who refused to halve the price of their products, as President Mugabe’s government had instructed. Halving prices has led to panic buying at large chains of stores. Essentials such as sugar, cooking oil and bread are now obtainable only on the black market. Petrol stations are dry. According to eye witnesses, many shops have been looted by government party supporters. Inflation – the highest in the world – is the result of the never-ending printing of money with which the Government pays civil servants, police officers and soldiers. According to the opposition party MDC, the Government is attempting, nine months ahead of the presidential elections, to secure the votes of the poor. Representatives of the Zanu-PF government party are reported to have dismissed a request by South African President Mbeki to go to Pretoria.

What is the position of the Council? Will it call on the Government to shoulder its responsibilities in the crisis to a greater extent?

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