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Tuesday, 22 April 2008 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Commission Question Time

  President. − Question No 69 will be answered in writing.

Question No 70 by Giovanna Corda (H-0157/08)

Subject: Progression of bluetongue in northern Europe

A recent study by two Belgian universities demonstrates the high risk of the bluetongue disease becoming endemic in northern Europe. Since the spread of bluetongue is linked to movements of the carriers and strengthening of the viral strains, should we not immediately undertake emergency measures in anticipation of the disease progressing?

In addition, since the total number of cattle herds and sheep flocks affected by the disease increased from 695 in 2006 to 6 857 in 2007 in Belgium alone, would the Commission state what measures it intends to introduce for the development of an antiviral treatment, for vaccination campaigns, and for the financing of the foregoing?

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