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Tuesday, 22 April 2008 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Programming implementation of the 10th European Development Fund (debate)

  Marie-Arlette Carlotti, rapporteur. − (FR) Thank you everyone for this debate and for staying so late. Thank you, Commissioner. I would like to say that, on official development assistance, Parliament is right behind you. I read your comments in the press; I know that it took courage to say certain things.

However, I would like to go back to two points. Firstly, the incentive tranche. As you know, a great deal of uncertainty surrounds this instrument. The decision-making process is not very clear. There is no scrutiny and no information for the European Parliament or the JPA, or for national parliaments, and as I said earlier, there are certain criteria in the governance profiles which cause us a problem. I will not repeat myself, but I think that this ambiguity would only be removed by only external control outside the Commission, i.e. scrutiny by the European Parliament, by national parliaments and by the JPA of how and under what conditions the incentive tranche is paid. I also think that this scrutiny should explicitly form part of the implementation of the EDF.

On regional integration and the EPAs, personally I think that EPA financing must be additional to EDF funding. I heard what you said about this. However, we need clarification regarding the division of funds, integrated regional programmes, between regions and between ACP countries. We believe you when you say that there is no new conditionality, but we need this type of assurance and precision. In any case, thank you very much for staying so late.


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