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Tuesday, 23 September 2008 - Brussels OJ edition

Question Time (Council)

  Gay Mitchell (PPE-DE). - I understand that the Council has been supplied with the results of a survey carried out by the Irish Government. Can I just say that I think that this sort of window dressing is what got us where we are. They did not survey the 47% who voted ‘yes’. The reason that the referendum was not carried in Ireland was a failure of leadership, and secondly because – leaving aside the original vote on the Treaty of Rome – we went to the people six times in referendum: in the Single European Act, Amsterdam, Maastricht, twice on the Nice Treaty, and then on Lisbon. And then we hand the people an entire Treaty and say: what do you think of that? Was it not a recipe for disaster, when there was no leadership? The question is: will there be leadership now?

I would like to ask the President-in-Office if he would indicate what the implications will be if Ireland does not ratify either now, or if it continues to vote ‘no’ in the future. Give us an indication of where Europe is going.

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