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Wednesday, 22 October 2008 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Explanations of vote

Text tabled : A6-0370/2008

  John Attard-Montalto (PSE), in writing. The European Court of Justice ruling in the Laval, Ruffert and Luxembourg cases has demonstrated that it is necessary to clarify that economic freedoms, as established in the Treaties, should be interpreted in such a way as not to infringe upon the exercising of fundamental social rights as recognised in the Member States and by Community law. This includes the right to negotiate, conclude and enforce collective agreements and to take collective action, and must not infringe upon the autonomy of social partners when exercising these fundamental rights in pursuit of social interests and the protection of workers.

There is certainly a need for the revision of the current legislation. The situation might lead to workers in host countries feeling pressured by low wage competition. I want to join my colleagues in their initiative to introduce consistent implementation of the Posting of Workers Directive in all Member States.

I fully agree that the Commission and the Member States should adopt measures to combat abuses, particularly regarding activities of companies not really engaged in any genuine and effective business in the country where they are registered.

The establishment of a legal framework for transnational collective agreements will certainly be a step forward and, needless to say, an important one to take.

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