Thursday, 15 January 2009 - StrasbourgOJ edition
 1.Opening of the sitting
 2.Animal transport (debate)
 3.Mediterranean diet (debate)
 4.Communication of Council common positions: see Minutes
 5.Restoring NTDTV Television broadcasts to China via Eutelsat (written declaration)
 6.Voting time
  6.1.Budgetary control of EU funds in Afghanistan (A6-0488/2008, Véronique Mathieu) (vote)
  6.2.Equal treatment for men and women as regards access to employment, vocational training and promotion, and working conditions (A6-0491/2008, Teresa Riera Madurell) (vote)
  6.3.Situation in the Middle East/Gaza Strip (vote)
  6.4.Situation in the Horn of Africa (vote)
  6.5.EU strategy towards Belarus (vote)
  6.6.Commemorating 11 July as a day of remembrance for the victims of the massacre in Srebrenica (vote)
 7.Explanations of vote
 8.Corrections to votes and voting intentions: see Minutes
 9.Approval of the minutes of the previous sitting: see Minutes
 10.Debates on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law(debate)
  10.1.Iran: the Shirin Ebadi case
  10.3.Press freedom in Kenya
 11.Voting time
  11.1.Iran: the Shirin Ebadi case (vote)
  11.2.Guinea (vote)
  11.3.Press freedom in Kenya (vote)
 12.Documents received: see Minutes
 13.Decisions concerning certain documents: see Minutes
 14.Written declarations included in the register (Rule 116): see Minutes
 15.Forwarding of texts adopted during the sitting: see Minutes
 16.Dates of forthcoming sittings: see Minutes
 17.Adjournment of the session
 ANNEX (Written answers)
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