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Monday, 2 February 2009 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Consequences of the recent gas crisis - Second Strategic Energy Review - Challenge of energy efficiency through information and communication technologies (debate)

  Jerzy Buzek (PPE-DE). - Mr President, I should like to thank the rapporteur for her work.

Let me make a few points on the Strategic Energy Review and the last energy crisis problem, which are closely linked.

My first point: in our report, which calls on the Member States to speak with a single European voice on energy issues, we have explicitly stated what all Europeans have seen in the past weeks to be the reality, namely that damaging energy supply in the Member States afflicts the European Union as a whole. It is very important. This is the basis of European solidarity and a basis for developing emergency response measures.

My second point is that the report mentions CCS technology as having the potential to meet our environmental targets while exploiting a source of energy – coal – that is largely available in Europe. By developing CCS, Europe can become a world leader in advanced technologies, which will contribute to our global competitiveness and strengthen our economies. The same is true for coal gasification technology, which is very important as an additional source of gas supply – it means diversification of gas supply.

My third point is that this strategic document specifically underlines the need for investment in the energy supply infrastructure. Infrastructure projects that receive support at EU level should first and foremost contribute to the real diversification of sources and routes of supplies to the Member States and to the EU as a whole.

Investment in Ukraine seems to be of special importance for us. Together with our Ukrainian partners, we could, in the future, take the joint responsibility for gas deliveries on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The reason for such a step on our part is very simple. In terms of energy relations, Ukraine identifies with international standards. It has ratified the Energy Charter Treaty and, therefore, plays by transparent rules.

My fourth point is that our strategic document greatly complements our efforts towards implementing the Third Energy Package. What does it mean? It means a working internal market in energy for the European Union; it means solidarity and support on many sides. Let us finish the legislative procedure during the next three months. It is very important for us.

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