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Tuesday, 10 March 2009 - Strasbourg OJ edition

Question Time (Commission)


– Question No 49 by Marian Harkin (H-0041/09)

Subject: Market support

In early January, the Commission pledged to introduce new measures to support the dairy sector and producers’ incomes across Europe in an effort to combat some of the negative effects the current economic crisis is having on the dairy sector. Has the Commission any plans to make similar pledges to support other agricultural sectors and producers who have also been negatively affected by the current economic crisis?

Question No 51 by Seán Ó Neachtain (H-0053/09)

Subject: Dairy sector in the EU

The Commission has introduced measures to assist the dairy sector. The Commission will reintroduce export refunds for butter, skimmed milk powder (SMP), whole milk powder and cheese. In addition, the Commission will purchase more than the fixed quantities of butter and SMP should the market situation warrant it. Does the Commission think that these measures will be sufficient to end the spiral of downward prices in the EU and particularly the Irish dairy sector?

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