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Proċedura : 2007/0286(COD)
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Ċiklu relatat mad-dokument : A6-0046/2009

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PV 10/03/2009 - 6
CRE 10/03/2009 - 6

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PV 10/03/2009 - 8.12
CRE 10/03/2009 - 8.12
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Spjegazzjoni tal-votazzjoni

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It-Tlieta, 10 ta' Marzu 2009 - Strasburgu Edizzjoni riveduta

8.12. Emissjonijiet industrijali (prevenzjoni u tnaqqis integrati tat-tniġġis) (tfassil mill-ġdid) (A6-0046/2009, Holger Krahmer) (votazzjoni)

– Before the vote:


  Graham Watson, on behalf of the ALDE Group. – Mr President, if I understood you correctly, you are indicating that the presidency does wish to apply the recast procedure to the Krahmer report today and the Cashman report. In that case, my group requests that we delay the vote until tomorrow so that we can study the implications of this.


  Guido Sacconi, a nome del gruppo PSE. – Signor Presidente, dicevo che io intervengo a favore di questa proposta, anche se ci tengo a sottolineare che se non fossero stati presentati degli emendamenti per l'Aula, che in qualche modo sono andati al di là di quanto approvato sulla base di un compromesso generale in sede di commissione ambiente, questo problema non si sarebbe posto, perché gli emendamenti di compromesso hanno pienamente rispettato la natura di questa revisione, e cioè di una rifusione. Per questo noi avremmo potuto votare anche oggi, però accettiamo questa idea perché è ragionevole.


  Caroline Jackson, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group. – Mr President, it behoves Mr Watson, if he is making a suggestion that we should consider the recast implications, to explain to us now what the recast implications are. He might like to have a word with Mr Corbett before answering.

I am fairly relaxed about this, but it would be much more sensible, since we are teed up to vote on this and we are unlikely to change our opinion on the actual voting – plus, minus or abstention – in the light of the recast procedures, to vote now when we have the time rather than hurry and add this vote to the list tomorrow when we have a lot of other things to do. Therefore, I am opposed to moving it.


  Holger Krahmer, Berichterstatter. − Herr Präsident! Ich freue mich sehr, dass der Präsident auch den Berichterstatter zu dem Thema endlich zu Wort kommen lässt. Das ist schon sehr überraschend!

Wir üben im Moment noch ein wenig mit den Neufassungsregeln. Ich möchte aber darauf aufmerksam machen, dass die Anwendung dieser Regeln keine Überraschung ist, auch nicht kurz vor einer Abstimmung. Wir haben diese Regeln schon im Ausschuss konsequent angewendet, und es ist nur logisch, dass sie im Plenum konsequent angewendet werden.

Wenn wir jetzt abstimmen, käme kein einziger Änderungsantrag und kein einziger Kompromiss zur Abstimmung, über den nicht diskutiert worden wäre. Alles hat einen Hinweis auf der Abstimmungsliste. Es gibt mit der gleichen Begründung wie der von Guido Sacconi, nur mit einer anderen Schlussfolgerung überhaupt keinen Grund für eine Verschiebung. Wir können jetzt abstimmen!



(Parliament rejected the request)


  Avril Doyle (PPE-DE). - Mr President, as we have decided to vote, maybe you could indicate why so many amendments were ruled to be inadmissible. That is the problem, and that is the point originally raised in relation to the recast versions under review. We do not understand why some amendments are inadmissible. Could you clarify that as we proceed to the vote?


  President. − I know in general terms what the issue is about, but I regret that I am unable to inform you of the specifics. We are now, however, voting on amendments which have gone through committee, which are regarded as admissible, which are substantive and which may or may not represent the view of the House.


  Monica Frassoni (Verts/ALE). - Signor Presidente, solamente per dire che questo episodio di oggi dimostra chiaramente che l'accordo sul recast, sulla rifusione, non funziona e va a colpire i nostri poteri di autorità sovrana. Questo è il problema di questa procedura, come abbiamo ben dimostrato in questo momento.


  Anders Wijkman (PPE-DE). - Mr President, I am sorry to prolong this discussion, but may I build on what was just said by my colleagues, Mrs Doyle and Mrs Frassoni? As one of the authors of several of the amendments, I was in contact with the President’s office until 11.50 and could not obtain a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether the amendments we tabled – 136 to 139 – would be voted upon or not. It was unclear, and the last word was that the vote would probably be postponed. As Avril Doyle said, we simply cannot understand why these amendments are inadmissible. In the interests of clarity, we should have some more time and have clarification from the President’s office.


  President. − I am advised that it has been ruled on and only certain amendments have been declared admissible, as is normal in any House. I think it might be helpful if a statement is made tomorrow by the President taking the vote so that there is clarification. But we must proceed to the vote now. I am sorry for those who are disappointed.

– Before the vote on Amendment 88:


  Christopher Heaton-Harris (PPE-DE). - Mr President, on most of our voting lists Amendments 88 and 89 are down as inadmissible and there is no indication as to how we should vote. Whilst you might well be wanting us to vote, we have a small problem with this, because we do not know what we are voting on and we do not know which way we should be voting.

May I suggest that some more thought be given to this new procedure we are using for recast, because there seems to be a lack of coordination and communication around the different political groups.


  Holger Krahmer, Berichterstatter. − Herr Präsident, werte Kollegen! Ich kann Ihnen auf die Sprünge helfen und auch den Präsidenten darauf hinweisen, was er selbst entschieden hat. Wir haben jetzt die Änderungsanträge 106, 139, 88 und 89. Der Präsident hat den Änderungsantrag 88 für zulässig erklärt. Dafür haben Sie auch alle einen Hinweis in der Abstimmungsliste. Wenn dem nicht so ist, müssen Sie sich an Ihr Fraktionspersonal wenden. Das tut mir Leid.


– After the vote:


  Chris Davies (ALDE). - Mr President, some of the amendments you ruled inadmissible were also ruled inadmissible by the Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Public health and Food Safety under the recast procedures. This Parliament has no right to introduce legislation. Its chance of influence is in amending legislation put before us. It seems that, in the way we have interpreted the recast procedures, we have castrated ourselves. Could you inform the President that if this Parliament is to demonstrate its true virility, we need to review these?

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