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Thursday, 26 March 2009 - Strasbourg OJ edition

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Text tabled : A6-0082/2009

  Philip Claeys (NI).(NL) Mr President, I voted in favour of the Auken report, as I believe that all citizens in Europe have the right to proper application of all legislation and that the private property of each and every citizen in the European Union must be safeguarded by the governments of all Member States.

Many people have fallen victim to questionable decisions in Spain and many of them have addressed these to the Committee on Petitions – rightly, in my view. All the same, I have mixed feelings, as I think that we must be wary of adopting legislation that is tantamount to introducing yet more European interference to the detriment of the Member States. A specific example is the situation in the Flemish periphery of Brussels, where the European Union is starting to interfere in a housing policy that aims to enable young Flemish families to continue living in their local area.

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